The Chaos of Okoros

When the population of Okoros decided to separate themselves from the rest of the kaer, the Hall became the home of almost all Name-givers not of the dwarven and elven races. Okoros is filled with houses of different architectural styles, each one dominating a different district. Everyone began building using their own plans after the Separation, with no visible concept.

The large longhouses of the kaer’s trollmoot stand right next to the orkish and rather hive-like Castel—which looks like a large number of buildings placed on top of each other. Simple, but elegant houses with shops on the floor level dominate the human district while the t’skrang hibernated in their underwater houses beneath Lake Vross. The two obsidimen, Romni D’Ayodhya and Basaltimus, known as The Sleepers, have no house at all, living on the streets or with anyone providing them shelter.

Remarkable is the unity that binds the different cultures together, despite the fact that Okoros is only a few Name-givers short of being overpopulated. The 1,700 Name-givers show their heritage openly, and tend to side with each other as soon as they deal with anyone not from Okoros. Outsiders are sometimes treated like intruders, as there is a definitive mistrust towards elves and dwarfs. More jokes about elves and dwarves make their rounds than jokes about orks and trolls—although that might have a different reason…

The most prominent spots of Okoros include the Sleeper’s Square, Lake Vross, the Castel, and the Okoroi.


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