Item History

Step: Rank + PER
Action: Sustained
Karma: Yes
Strain: 0

The adept learns the history of an enchanted or mundane item. The adept studies the item for a week, carefully examining it for at least one hour each day, then makes an Item History Test against the item’s Spell Defense. If successful, each Result Level achieved reveals one new Test Knowledge from the item’s history. When used on mundane items (which do not have True Patterns), each Result Level provides the adept with a different piece of information, instead of a Test Knowledge. Item History can be used multiple times on the same item, but each test requires another week of study. The adept can learn a maximum number of Test Knowledges equal to his Item History Rank.

Thom Hammerblade, a dwarf Weaponsmith, has devoted weeks of study to a weapon known as Grag’s Battle-Axe. Previous studies have revealed three Test Knowledges from the weapon’s history. On his latest Item History attempt, Thom achieves an Excellent Result, learning three more Test Knowledges from the axe’s past. This means he now knows a total of six Test Knowledges. However, because Thom knows Item History to Rank 5, he can only learn a maximum of five Test Knowledges—the sixth Test Knowledge remains out of his reach until he improves his Item History Rank, allowing him to make another attempt to learn more of the axe’s secrets.

See the Workings of Magic chapter, p. 104, for more information on threads and Pattern Knowledge, and the Thread Magic chapter, p. 113, for more information on weaving threads to magic items and how Key Knowledges are used.

Item History

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