During the Scourge, all the kaers and citadels called on Garlen for protection, and she remains one of the most widely revered Passions in Barsaive. People of all races call her the mother who cares for all, and Garlen considers all of Barsaive’s Name-givers her children. Garlen and her questors offer healing to the sick and injured, and comfort to the dying. In a world filled with violence and danger, Garlen watches over those who shun adventuring for the comfort and safety of home, particularly families and children.

Ideals: Hearth and Healing

Typical Appearance: Garlen usually manifests as a voluptuous woman, her arms spread wide in acceptance and invitation. On occasion, Garlen appears as a kindly, comfortable-looking man.

Common Elements: Homes, children, kaers, enclosed spaces, water

Powers: Garlen can heal the wounded, comfort the frightened, and travel instantly to any home.


Many ordinary citizens and even some questors of other Passions mistakenly believe that Garlen’s questors seek the refuge of the hearth and embrace healing because they fear conflict. Anyone who has watched someone they love die while doing everything in their power to prevent it knows that this act of caring requires a far greater courage and strength than that required to defeat any enemy.

Most questors of Garlen are female. Some believe that Garlen attracts women questors because she so often appears as one. Others speculate that because they carry new lives within their bodies, women possess a greater understanding and appreciation for life and greater compassion for other living beings.

Garlen’s questors can be stern, but show unfailing generosity and understanding. Those who mistake Garlen’s compassion for weakness sometimes do not live to regret their misunderstanding. For example, a famous story tells of five questors of Garlen who were visiting a village near Skypoint when Theran slavers raided the village. Garlen’s questors cut down the Therans to the last man, staining their white robes with the slavers’ blood.

Acts of Devotion: Heal someone suffering from a physical injury (Minor). Provide extended care for someone suffering from a serious illness (Major). Protect a home from attackers (Zealous). Find the cure for a terminal illness (Quest).

Questor Powers: Comfort, Heal, Seal Home


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