Council Hall

Council hall2

The central hall of Kaer Ardanyan is nothing more than a very large square with several buildings huddled up against the walls. Four gates dominate the hall. The three largest gates each lead to one of the other halls, while the fourth one is smaller and opens to Freedom Gate. The way to Freedom Gate is opened only during the Passing of Years festival, when the entire kaer celebrates the beginning of a new year.

The large gates leading to Council Hall are usually closed, but the kaer guards let travelers pass between the halls. The gates open only in the early morning of every third day, when the designated merchants enter Council Hall for business. During these hours, the large square turns into a colorful market. The merchants offer their wares and deliver orders. They buy or trade for items their hall needs, depending on demand. The merchants from Khar Rhuz are known to be the greediest, using their position to sell everything with a huge profit to their own kin.

Travelers passing through Council Hall must check with the kaer guards of their own hall and the guards of their destination. They need to file their names along with their estimated duration of stay, which must include at least one night.

The most prominent spots of Council Hall include the Council House, The Pillar, the Temple of Greed, the Library, and Freedom Gate.

Council Hall

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