Basaltimus D'Ayodhya, Obsidiman Mason


Basaltimus’ skin is rough and medium gray, with flecks of darker gray freckled across his hide. In many other aspects he looks similar to Romni. Not as tall, he is equally as broad giving him a more Dwarf-like frame. He bears a heavily knotted musculature, with a heavy brow and shovel hands. His feet are overlarge and he considers himself clumsy. His eyes are the color of smoke.

Basaltimus is extremely loyal to Romni (who feels the same), but feels a strong desire to reconnect with his Liferock.


Basaltimus emerged from the Ayodhya Liferock before the Scourge. He and his brother Romni traveled together for over 100 years, living among the other Namegiver races of Barsaive. It was Basaltimus who taught Romni the craft of masonry, and together they built many dwellings across the land. They traveled from town to city, working for food, shelter, and stories.

While Romni lived among the hill Trolls and learned the art of the Warrior from Kana’Shorn, Basaltimus’ wanderlust carried him back toward Throal. Along the way he spent time working among the many townsfolk trying to build their Kaers.

Basaltimus speaks little of that time, but Romni believes that Basaltimus saw horrible things – feuds, manipulation by Horrors, slavery, and death. But Romni also believes that Basaltimus helped shape more than a few Kaers with his great strength and master mason skills.

After Kana’Shorn’s death, Romni went in search of his brother and found Basaltimus laboring in Throal. Both could feel the call of Ayodhya and bade farewell to the friends they’d made among the other Namegiver races, beginning the journey back home. They knew the Scourge would soon devour all life in Barsaive and Ayodhya offered a sanctum to all its children. It would be a grand homecoming.

Their travels were delayed many times as Romni and Basaltimus stopped to help those besieged by Horrors and Horror Constructs, or those simply unfortunate enough to be stranded without refuge. The brothers led the last band of Windling refugees into Ayodhya just as they sealed the Wards.

Basaltimus was heartbroken to know he’d spend so long away from his Liferock, but was heartened by knowing that they’d saved the lives of so many Namegivers in their journey.

The residents of Ardanyan set to work to find accomodations for the clan of Windlings, as none lived in the area around Ardanyan and so nothing had been built for them. Likewise few residents had ever seen Obsidimen, and definitely no Namegivers so well-traveled.

Basaltimus and his brother withstood many questions and requests for tales, enduring with amazing grace and stamina the throngs of people until both grew sleepy and locked arms in the Dreaming a few weeks later.


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