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Gaze up at the night sky, my gracious friends, and marvel at the constellations hanging there. The Hunter, the Mountain, the Great Oak, the Air Dancer, the Butterfly, the Horse, the Ship, the Sleeping Warrior and the Winged Snake. All familiar, yet all wondrous, these gems of the sky each point the way toward The Heart of Heroes.

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When the Scourge came, and the Horrors with it, all Races were forced to hide underground in their magically protected Kaers. For nearly 400 years the Namegivers of Barsaive lived and died without seeing the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. When the magic cycle stopped receding abruptly only 400 years into the supposed 500 years cycle, the Kaers of Barsaive opened their doors again.

Our story begins 50 years later with the residents of Kaer Ardanyan. Who had not opened their doors….yet.

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The Heart of Barsaive

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