Barsaivians worship twelve Passions, living, physical embodiments of the wishes, hopes, beliefs, and strongest emotions of Barsaive’s people. A Passion is summoned wherever its ideals are strongly felt, grievously violated, or aggressively defended.

Some say the Passions are mysterious magical beings given control over pieces of people’s lives by the universe. Some say they are the people’s hopes given form by the legend that springs from the Namegivers’ collective thoughts. Some say that whether a Passion exists or not is up to the believer alone, created by the moment. Whatever the truth, it cannot be denied that the Passions exist, wandering the roads, visiting Barsaive’s towns, and touching people in thought and sometimes helping lift their burdens through gifts of healing, comfort, or strength.

The Passions do not appear in any single place or in any one form. Rather, they shape their surroundings and likenesses in a fashion that gives either slight clues or absolute certainty about their identity—the former when they set a test, the latter when they bring a message.



  • Astendar: Love, Art, Music
  • Chorrolis: Wealth, Trade, Jealousy, Desire
  • Dis (Mad Passion): Confusion, Unnecessary Work, Complex Bureaucratic Hierarchies, Slavery and Mastery
  • Floranuus: Revelry, Energy, Victory, Motion
  • Garlen: Hearth and Healing
  • Jaspree: Growth, Care of the Land, Love of the Wilderness
  • Lochost: Rebellion, Change, Freedom
  • Mynbruje: Justice, Compassion, Empathy, Truth
  • Raggok (Mad Passion): Vengeance, Bitterness, Jealousy
  • Thystonius: Physical Conflict, Valor
  • Upandal: Building, Construction, Planning
  • Vestrial (Mad Passion): Manipulation, Deceit


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