Tome of the Troll Nethermancer

Tome of Cadaver Man Creation


This tome was recovered from a Troll Nethermancer named Ladras who was an ex-member of a cabal of Nethermancers based out of Bartertown. In a pact with a Horror, the Troll received a Horror-marked ring and this Tome, which explains the rituals and materials necessary to create a Cadaver Man.


The Protectors of Ardanyan tracked missing lumberjacks outside Ardanyan into the nearby forest to the cave lair of the evil Troll Nethermancer, fought several cadaver men, and slew the Troll and his newest corpse construct, a centaur-like undead being with axes sewn on for hands. The tome was one of the items recovered from his lair.

Tome of the Troll Nethermancer

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