Leldrin's Earring

Whisper Earring


In order to activate and use the power of the earring, a thread must be woven to it.


This rune-carved earring was taken from Leldrin, an Elven Illusionist, by the Protectors of Ardanyan when he was defeated in Kaer Ardanyan immediately following Leldrin’s attempt to sow chaos and incite a riot among the kaer dwellers.

Drovick Crystalshaper divined the earring as a magically-infused device whose purpose was to allow for remote communication between the wearer and other similar earrings’ wearers. It is assumed that this is how Leldrin communicated with his co-conspirators that had also ruled the city of Ardanyan prior to the Protectors of Ardanyan freeing the kaer and introducing its residents to the city of Ardanyan.

Leldrin's Earring

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