Ladra's Ring

Horror-marked ring


The ring is shaped like a gaunt face twisted in pain, perhaps screaming. It’s made of a metal alloy.


This ring was worn by the Troll Nethermancer Ladras, who was slain by the Protectors of Ardanyan. The Troll was an ex-member of a cabal of Nethermancers based out of Bartertown. Ladras had made a pact with a Horror to gain the knowledge necessary to create Cadaver Men. To that end, the Protectors also recovered a Tome outlining the method to create the undead minions.

Drovick Crystalshaper divined the ring’s purpose as being a means for a Horror to communicate and influence (or perhaps even control) the wearer. The ring is Horror-marked.

Drovick later unmade the ring by crystalizing it in his forge and shattering it with a single blow of his hammer.

Ladra's Ring

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