Romni D'Ayodhya

2nd Circle Obsidiman Warrior


Romni smiles openly, laughs often, and is very friendly. Being fairly tactless, however, Romni does not make a good initial impression on people. It (Romni considers itself an “it”, not a “him” or “her”) has no concept of social nicities that other Name-Givers practice. This lack of social grace would have left Romni with few true friends, even had it not spent most of its time in Kaer Ardanyan in hibernation. Romni has made peace with this fact, and is comfortable in solitude. As a result, Romni carries itself with what other obsidimen consider a sort of inner serenity, but that other Name-Givers can find offputting.

Romni is very loyal to what few friends it has, as well as its brethren. It has little use for money, prefering to carry what little it needs with it. Other than maintaining its weapons, gear, and journals, Romni prefers to use what money it acquires in gift-giving. Romni has elevated this to a fine art.

Romni’s skin has the appearance of dark granite, showing small-to-medium flecking of grey to black strata mottling its hide. It has curious markings on its chest, as if a vein of red precious stone lay just beneath the surface of its skin over where the heart pumps blue-black blood through its body. It has large, deep-set red eyes that sparkle like rubies and show no pupil. Romni’s gaze is therefore somewhat disconcerting since it’s not easy to note where or upon who it is looking. It is large even among Obsidimen, towering at just over eight feet in height, and weighing in at almost 1200 pounds. What is even more of a marvel is the grace with which the massive Obsidiman can move when it decides there is an immediate need for it to do so.

Discipline: Warrior Circle: 2nd Race: Obsidiman Gender: None
Age: 605 Hair: None Skin: Dark Gray Eyes: Ruby
Height: 8’ 1" Weight: 1185 lbs Racial Ability: See below

Special Abilities

2nd Circle: +1 bonus to Physical Defense
Racial Abilities: Natural Armor +3, Increased Wound Threshold +3
Strength: Ignores Up To 4 Steps Of Initiative Penalties From Heavy Armor
Deflection: Shield provides 2 point Deflection bonus versus Armor-Defeating hits
Half Magic: On Military Tactics and Strategy
Half Magic: On Barsaive Military History
Half Magic: On Recognizing Warrior Orders, Famous Warriors Or Ancient Warriors
Half Magic: On Recognizing Ancient Or Famous Weapons And Armor
Half Magic: On Weapon And Armor Repair


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 16 7 d12
STR 22 9 d8+d6
TOU 18 7 d12
PER 12 5 d8
WIL 12 5 d8
CHA 10 5 d8


Initiative: 6/d10 Physical Defense: 10
Physical Armor: 6 Spell Defense: 7
Mystic Armor: 0 Social Defense: 6
Death Rating: 69 Recovery Tests: 3/d12
Unconscious: 55 Knockdown: 9/d8+d6
Wound Threshold: 15 Movement: 5
Max Karma: 9 Current Karma: 8

Discipline Talents (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Karma Ritual - - - 3 - -
Melee Weapon Standard 0 7 (DEX) 4 11 d10+d8
Parry Free 1 7 (DEX) 3 10 2d8
Unarmed Combat Standard 0 7 (DEX) 3 10 2d8
Wood Skin Standard 0 7 (TOU) 3 10 2d8
Anticipate Blow Simple 1 5 (PER) 3 8 2d6

Talent Options (Talent Rank Cost)

Talent Karma? Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Air Dance No Free 0 7 (DEX) 3 10 2d8
Durability (9/7) No NA 0 - 3 - -
Swift Kick No Free 1 7 3 10 2d8

Skills (Skill Training Cost)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Singing (A) Free 0 5 (CHA) 3 8 2d6
Speak Language (K) Standard 0 5 (PER) 2 7 d12
Read/Write Language (K) Standard 0 5 (PER) 2 7 d12
Craftsman/Mason (A) Sustained 0 7 (DEX) 3 10 2d8
Obsidiman Lore (K) Sustained 0 5 (PER) 2 7 d12
Horror Lore (K) Sustained 0 5 (PER) 3 8 2d6


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic, Obsidiman Throalic, Obsidiman


Weapon Size Forged STR Step Wpn Step Total Dice
Spiked Mace 4 0 9 6 15 d12+2d6
Short Sword 2 0 9 4 13 d12+d10
Spear (short:2-10/long:11-20) 3 0 9 4 13 d12+d10


Armor Physical Mystic Init Penalty Def Bonus
Natural Armor 3 0 0 0
Footman’s Shield 3 0 -1 +2

Other Items

Item Weight Location +Notes
Cloak 2 lbs Back Snowy white, emblazoned with the “Protector of Ardanyan” symbol
Clothing 10 lbs Body Red linen toga, oxhide sandals, broad worked metal & hair girdle
Masonry tools 15 lbs Slingpack Weathered, but well-cared for hammer, chisels, and brushes
Bull’s-eye Lantern 3 lbs Slingpack Shuttered beaten copper lantern with large loop/hook
Oil flasks (3) 1 lb x3 Slingpack Tin flasks filled with lamp oil (8 hrs of light)
Burlap Slingpack 3 lbs Shoulder Includes a quick-release clasp for fast removal
Burlap Sack 2 lbs Slingpack Folded inside slingpack, this sack will carry an additional 100 lb. of loot
Bedroll 5 lbs Slingpack Strapped under his slingpack, provides warmth down to subzero temperatures
Flint & Steel 8 oz Slingpack Tucked in an outer pocket of his slingpack, this tinderbox is tightly sealed against the elements
Canteen 4 lb Girdle A tin canteen Romni fills with fresh spring water


Driven: to protect Ardanyan and her peoples
Love: for his Liferock brothers, especially Basaltimus
Loyalty: to the Protectors of Ardanyan


Total Legend Points: 4,100 Legend Points Spent: 4,030 Current Legend Points: 70

Romni emerged from the Liferock at Ayodhya fifty years before the sealing of Kaer Ardanyan. Romni carried the collective knowledge of Obsidiman history and lore with it, but has spent centuries in the Dreaming attempting to make sense of the flood of images and emotions.

It and its brother Basaltimus played amongst the Troll clans of the nearby Trollmoot, and later showed a passion for building, taking to helping the clan to rebuild after a particularly vicious Sky Raider assault. It was there that Romni found it possessed a natural talent for violence, helping the Troll clan to repel successive raiding parties. A venerable Troll Warrior named Kana’shorn was impressed enough to offer Romni training. Naturally curious, Romni accepted and began a ten-year tutelage under Kana’shorn.

Kana’shorn was a hard master but Romni’s patience was his better. While never fully understanding Trollish honor, its mental “distance” ensured Romni rarely insulted any Troll’s varied layers of honor. Two years prior to the sealing of Kaer Ardanyan, Kana’shorn was killed in a clash with Sky Raiders. Romni was at his side. In his final moments, Kana’shorn released it from his service. Romni did not seek retribution for the death of its master, instead packing up what few belongings it had and began searching for Basaltimus.

Romni tracked its sibling to Throal and they rejoiced upon reuniting. They spent another year among the Dwarves and other Name-Giver races preparing for the Scourge, helping to build whatever anyone needed – carts, bridges, airships, etc. With the Scourge fast approaching, the two began the long journey back to Ayodhya to rejoin their kin and merge with their Liferock. It would be a long and pleasant Dreaming…

But it was not to be. Naturally generous, the two were delayed several times while helping groups of other Name-Givers on their way to whatever destinations they had. With little time remaining, they crossed the Serpent River and hurried into Kaer Ardanyan just as the great doors were shutting and the Wards sprang to life.

The denizens marveled at the two rock-skinned giants, their stories, and their beneficence. But within weeks the two grew sleepy and settled down into the Dreaming. The short-lived kaer dwellers (Orks, Trolls, and Humans) aged and died, their descendants told of the two statues that were once living beings. The children only chuckled and played about their shoulders, sliding down their bent and massive backs.

Romni D'Ayodhya

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