Mangrath Armbreaker

Troll Warrior Adept of Ardanyan


Romni sought out a mentor in Kaer Ardanyan as soon as he woke from the Dreaming. Mangrath Amrbreaker continued Romni’s tutelage, which suited Romni well, as he’d been very fond of his old Mentor Kana’Shorn.

While a lowland Troll, Mangrath is a follower of traditional Trollish customs, including the three-fold path of honor. Though not as legendary a Warrior Adept as was Kana’Shorn, Mangrath’s pattern is strong.

An odd relationship exists between Mangrath and Romni. Romni recognizes Mangrath as his martial superior, yet Mangrath is all-too-aware of Romni’s legendary teacher, who was a pre-Scourge hero. Because of this, he feels somewhat humbled by this Obsidiman who has seen so much more than he has. Because of this, though Romni defers to him Mangrath does not take advantage of Romni’s deference. Instead he encourages Romni to make his own way in the world, inspiring him with his fiery Trollish spirit.

Mangrath Armbreaker

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